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In addition to being a general online store for all RPG products, TableTopLibrary focuses on creating a specific area as a market for 5e/Fifth Edition resources produced under the OGL/SRD.

Benefits of selling your books through us include:

Higher Payout: we pay 75% for online sales of pdfs, and 65% for sales of books that are fulfilled through our warehouse in Washington State. These are some of the highest payout rates available in the RPG industry. Rates for online sales from our competitors can run as low as 50%. Those who join us later may not be offered the same high payout rate, so join early!
Anchor Tenants: The most important factor in selling books through a store like TableTopLibrary is the draw provided by “anchor tenants,” whose fans come to the site based on well-known names. TableTopLibrary markets resources from most of the major names in the third party publishing industry, companies with stellar reputations, long histories, and large fan bases. As a publisher with us, you get the benefit of being in a market that has these large customer bases built in.
Other Features: In addition to selling digital products, we have offer a number of other services to help you build your publishing company. We support and fulfill Kickstarters for those of you who are developing products through that platform. We can also distribute physical books for you (contact us for terms) from our warehouse, which can be important since most Kickstarters want to offer a physical version of the book at certain pledge levels. We have a discount rate available through an affiliated printing company, which can make that pledge level more financially viable.
Non-Exclusive: We don’t ask you to sell your products only on TTL. You can still sell them anywhere else you want.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor on Tabletop Library! By completing and submitting the form below, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1. For digital products, you receive 75% of the price paid, calculated in US dollars. Payments are made monthly, on or around the 15th of the month, for sales booked in the prior month. If the amount of payment due is less than $50, payment is deferred until the amount is $50 or more.
2. No earnings accrue on sales resulting in consumer refunds, charge backs, or fraud.
3. “Price paid” does not include any relevant taxes, and in the case of physical products does not include shipping, taxes, or other such additional charges.
4. We have the right to refuse to post a product, or to remove a product from sale, in our sole and absolute discretion. We may put additional conditions on the posting of a product if we deem these conditions appropriate.
5. You agree that we may send review copies of your products to staff reviewers.
6. The site runs periodic sales, ranging from Daily Deals on single products to site-wide sales. Products are opted into sales by the default setting, but this setting can be changed in your product edit page.

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