• Mythic Mastery: Mythic Curses

    Mythic Mastery: Mythic Curses


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    This book presents a new type of curse, the mythic curse, which uses the mythic rules presented in Mythic Adventures as a starting point to create dynamic curses, which respond (positively or negatively) to the actions of their victims, and which generally require a whole lot more than a simple spell to get rid of. In addition to rules and guidelines for creating and using your own mythic curses, the book includes 5 sample mythic curses, such as the curse of aging, the curse of babble, and much more, all of which are sure to have a memorable impact on your game.

  • Creature of the Week – Akki

    Creature of the Week – Akki


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    Akki vary widely but usually are hideous, gigantic ogre-like creatures with sharp claws, wild hair, and two long horns growing from their heads.

  • The Channeler PDF

    The Channeler PDF


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    The channeler is a spellcaster who channels his power through his own body, trading hit points for spells.

  • Player Paraphernalia #4 The Arcanger

    Player Paraphernalia #4 The Arcanger


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    A new ranger archetype that swaps out ranger spells for wizard spells.

  • Gulf of Akados Map
  • Player Paraphernalia #11  The Witch Hunter

    Player Paraphernalia #11 The Witch Hunter


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    Offering a new base class resistant to witch hexes and the ability to sever the bond between spell casters and their familiars.