• Mythic Mastery: Fey Heritage

    Mythic Mastery: Fey Heritage


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    This installment introduces the fey heritage, for characters who are in some way touched by or related to the mysterious and wild powers of the fey. They might be related through blood, either distantly or directly, to one or more creatures of the fey kingdom, or they may have simply earned the favor of a powerful faerie who chose to grant them a touch of her gifts. The character may have been a changeling, stolen from his nurse to be raised among the fair folk, or he may be ignorant of the origins of his power, discovering the fey’s touch only as circumstances reveal where his abilities come from.

  • Mythic Mastery: Mythic Items of the Orient

    Mythic Mastery: Mythic Items of the Orient


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    Mythic Items Inspired By Eastern Legend!

    Eastern mythology is at least as rich — if not more so — with legends of incredible magic items with legendary and unorthodox abilities. Whether they received their legendary status from contact with legendary owners, or were, themselves, instrumental in allowing the legends to be born, the legends of the east are full of mysterious and exotic magic items.

  • Spheres of Power PDF

    Spheres of Power PDF

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    Spheres of Power is a completely new magic system for the Pathfinder RPG and other D20 systems, built from the ground up to provide an easy and intuitive approach to concept-based magic.

  • The Geomancer’s Handbook PDF

    The Geomancer’s Handbook PDF


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    The Geomancer’s Handbook is an expansion to the Nature sphere from the Spheres of Power magic system.

  • Advanced Arcana Volume VI

    Advanced Arcana Volume VI


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    Advanced Arcana Volume VI is more than just a collection of over 150 brand new, never-before-seen spells. It, like its critically-acclaimed predecessors, was specifically designed to challenge the status quo of the way that magic works in your game.

  • Razor Coast: Fire as She Bears (PDF, Pathfinder)