• Creature of the Week – Adlet

    Creature of the Week – Adlet


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    With the torso and upper body of a man and legs of a canine the adlet are an oddity to behold.

  • The Pit of Despair (PDF, 5E)

    The Pit of Despair (PDF, 5E)


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    Admiral Akbar has a comment on this adventure.

  • Death in Dyrgalas

    Death in Dyrgalas


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    For characters of levels 6 to 8, by Skip Williams. Brigands with a certain … change of pace.

    PDF Format, 5th Edition Rules

  • Monastic Traditions (5e)

    Monastic Traditions (5e)


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    Eight transcendent new monastic traditions for your Fifth Edition monk!

  • The Mazes & Perils Holiday Special 2016 – 5e Edition

    The Mazes & Perils Holiday Special 2016 – 5e Edition


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    The Celebration of Sinterklaas is in danger! What has become of the good people of Wollemi?

    When the forces of nature take hold of the land, sometimes it’s all you can do to outlast the storm, but when all contact is lost with the nearby village of Wollemi, their sister town of Dunwick gets worried and asks the heroes to check it out. They must take a dangerous path up into the mountains to not only see if they’re ok, but deliver presents to the children for the Celebration of Sinterklaas, a yearly festival that brings their communities together…

  • Quests of Doom 2 (PDF, 5E)

    Quests of Doom 2 (PDF, 5E)


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    Lower-tier adventures for Fifth Edition! Contains the famous adventure Spire of Iron and Crystal by award-winning author Matt Finch.

  • Adventures in the Borderland Provinces (PDF, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game)

    Adventures in the Borderland Provinces (PDF, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game)

    5 out of 5

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    Seven stand-alone Pathfinder adventures for use in any campaign or in the Lost Lands campaign setting of Frog God Games. From the ghostly terrors of Ectarlin’s Last Ride to the fey-filled journey of Illusion and Illumination, these adventures provide you with a wide variety of challenges to puzzle and threaten your characters.

  • Weekly Wonders: Giant Bloodlines

    Weekly Wonders: Giant Bloodlines


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     This book introduces four giant-themed bloodlines for sorcerers!

  • Advanced Arcana Volume V

    Advanced Arcana Volume V


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    Magic With A Mind of its Own!

    It’s easy to feel like you’ve unlocked all the secrets of magic when you can simply flip through the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and see every spell it has. The very nature of the game means that spells, and spellcasting, work a certain way. While there are plenty of spells to choose from, eventually you reach a point where just casting the same old things over and over again gets boring. And that’s where the books in the Advanced Arcana series come in.

  • Worlds of Power PDF
  • Mythic Mastery: Creatures of the Nile

    Mythic Mastery: Creatures of the Nile


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    Animals rarely get special or unique abilities in their stat-blocks, meaning that they tend to make for rather dull or forgettable encounters, and their combat abilities are easily divorced from their in-game identity.

    While this may be fine for average animals, and even their dire cousins, mythic animals demand something more. All four animals provided in this book have unique and exciting special abilities that truly make them mythic.

  • Letters from the Flaming Crab: Hygiene (PFRPG)