• The Noble Rot (PDF, 5E)

    The Noble Rot (PDF, 5E)


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    Fifth Edition! A 16-page, location-based adventure for characters of 5th to 8th level. This adventure can be played in one or two sessions of reasonable length. It is a straightforward (or is it?), haunted house-style adventure.

  • Cat & Mouse for 5th Edition
  • The World of Myrr Campaign Setting for Fifth Edition

    The World of Myrr Campaign Setting for Fifth Edition


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    The World of Myrr (MEER) was inspired by the classic fantasy RPG settings. It is a highly detailed, 371 page book. Myrr is a great foundation for any 5th Edition adventure and can be used with other fantasy RPGs. More than thirty players have playtested this setting for over a year and a half.

  • Fifth Edition Foes

    Fifth Edition Foes


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    252 pages of monsters for Fifth Edition! This book is absolutely to die for.

  • The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces (PDF, 5th Edition)

    The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces (PDF, 5th Edition)


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    Only a few hundred miles from the city of Bard’s Gate … this book contains the environs of Rappan Athuk and Lost City of Barakus! It offers forth the history of the Borderland Provinces region, descriptions of the countries, cities (some with maps), towns, important places, major geographical features, and extensive encounter tables for the ancient Hyperborean roads crisscrossing the Provinces.

  • The Game Master’s Guide

    The Game Master’s Guide


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    Practical resources for any Game Master. This guide can be used with any 5E game. It is also a supplement to the World of Myrr campaign setting. Need more monsters? Interested in some helpful tips? Need more tables to add depth to your fantasy RPG? This guide contains all of that and more.

  • Weekly Wonders: Rituals of the Deep Ones

    Weekly Wonders: Rituals of the Deep Ones


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    This book presents a collection of 10 brand new occult rituals for use in your game, all of which are thematically linked to the watery depths, and the strange and enigmatic underwater race referred to only as the deep ones.

  • Weekly Wonders: Vampiric Infusions Volume I
  • Player Paraphernalia #4 The Arcanger

    Player Paraphernalia #4 The Arcanger


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    A new ranger archetype that swaps out ranger spells for wizard spells.

  • The Dilettante PDF

    The Dilettante PDF


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    Need a fighter? A wizard? A cleric? A rogue? Why not someone who can be all 4?

  • Mythic Mastery: Mythic Aliens – The Astori

    Mythic Mastery: Mythic Aliens – The Astori


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    Close Encounters of the Mythic Kind!

    Whether you’re encountering them on a distant planet in a far-off nebula, or they’ve come to you, and are abducting innocent villagers for nefarious purposes, there’s nothing quite like a strange, alien race to help breathe some life into your galaxy — and your game. Some Pathfinder products have even explored the idea of alien life in the past, and it’s certainly true that many aberrations could serve as alien creatures in a pinch. But there’s one thing that Pathfinder aliens have never been until now, and that is mythic.

    This book presents … the astori!

  • Black Monastery (PDF, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game)

    Black Monastery (PDF, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game)


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    Over nearly two centuries since its destruction, the Black Monastery has returned from time to time to haunt the Hill of Mornay.  Impossible as it seems, there have been at least five incidents in which witnesses have reported finding the Hill of Mornay once again crowned with black walls and slate-roofed towers…